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Culinary Talent Competition

On March 28th, 2019, during 23rd International EuroGastro Fairs and 12th WorldHotel Fairs, the Culinary Talent Competition took place for 11th time. Students from twelve culinary Polish schools competed to win this prestigious competition. We are proud to announce that “Herbapol-Lublin” was main sponsor of this event!

The event was hosted by Robert Sowa and Krzysztof Ibisz.

This year’s main theme was pork tenderloin. On top of that, the competitors had to use pre-defined products, including infusion of one of Herbapol’s Premium Line teas.

They had 40 minutes to prepare the dish.

1st place belonged to Kinga Piotrowska from Gdańsk. Marlena Niźnikiewicz from Chorzów came in 2nd, and Julia Stanik from Opole received the 3rd prize.

fot. Mieszko Piętka/ AKPA

There wer two sets of jurors, professional and semi-professional. The jurys judged the disehes based on several aspects such as: techniques used, creativity and presentation.

Congratulations to the winners and participants!