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European Picnic 2019

On the occasion of 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union, an European Picnic was organized in the Royal Łazienki Parki in Warsaw. Once again, “Herbapol-Lublin” company partnered this event!

During the picnic, our guests were able to see colorful parades, horse shows, as well as to take part in outdoor activities. The weather turned out fine, and so did the participants. 

Similarly to previous years, our company distributed delicious donuts filled with fruity Herbapol jam, fruit teas and beverages based on our fruit syrups. On May 1st, visitors were also able to try out our ready to drink tea beverages.

Since May 1st happened to be our 70th anniversary, our dedicated logo debuted during the Picnic. It will be visible to all those who will visit the park throughout the summer as it is printed on comfortable sunbeds creating a perfect opportunity to relax in green and natural surroundings.