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BIO Strawberry Jam

Velvet BIO Jam with reduced sugar content, pasteurised

Our velvet BIO Strawberry Jam is a perfect choice for the whole family, and especially children, who will surely be delighted by the perfectly smooth consistency of our product! BIO Strawberry Jam by Herbapol is made entirely from organic Polish strawberries, which gives it its unique, extremely fruity taste. Our velvet BIO Strawberry Jam also has a reduced sugar content, so… try it today!


The product contains over 30% less sugar than jams with total sugar content of 60 g per 100 g of product.


Strawberries*, sugar*, lemon juice (produced from lemon juice concentrate)*,
gelling agent: pectins.
*certified organic ingredients

Produced from 100 g of fruit per 100 g of product. Total sugar content: 36 g per 100 g of product.


280 g

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