Herbapol - masz to w naturze



Chokeberry syrup with vitamins C and D, pasteurised

Reach for syrup with delicious aroma of chokeberry and discover the unique flavour of this fruit. It is good to have within your reach all year round!

Herbapol fruit syrup is a tasty option rich in fruit, perfect for both hot days and cold evenings. Not to mention how easy it is to prepare — you can use it to make cold or hot beverages with sparkling or still water. You can also add it to tea, drinks, cocktails and even desserts (e.g. pancakes, jellies, ice-cream or waffles).

Preservative and artificial colour-free, the appealing composition of flavours contains concentrated fruit juices. Thanks to high quality and efficiency, our syrups have reigned in Polish households for generations.

Fruit Pantry is invaluable in every kitchen, on a trip or on a picnic among friends. Perfect for any occasion and any season of the year. Especially for you.


No colours or preservatives


A — sugar or B — glucose-fructose syrup, water, 7% concentrated chokeberry juice with total extract of 65%, acidity regulator: citric acid, vitamin C, vitamin D.

The letter (A or B) next to the batch number specifies the ingredient used in manufacturing.


420 ml

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420 ml

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