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22nd Competition of Food and Nutrition

22nd Competition of Food and Nutrition

In March 2018, we donated products for the final stage of the Competition that was held in John Paul II School Complex No. 5 in Lublin.

61 students from secondary schools in Poland took part in this last stage of the competition. For the first time, this part of the event took place in Lublin.

There were 2 written parts of the Competition. Then, six of them (with biggest number of points) took part in the oral part on the stage, in front of an audience.

The winners were:

1st place: Klaudia Jonkisz from Bielsko Biała

2nd place: Wiktoria Suchy from Przemyśl

3rd place: Kamil Gryzło from Cracow

4th place: Magda Marciniak from Lublin

5th place: Aneta Kotlarek from Gorzów Wielkopolski

6th place: Sandra Marciniak from Gdynia

Our company donated products that were used to prepare breakfasts, lunches and coffee break throughout the event.

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