Discover the Herbapol brand

The Herbapol brand is a perfect example of combining tradition and innovation, which has helped us win the most valuable thing – the trust of four generations of consumers.

Herbapol focuses on the most important values: family, enjoying moments together and closeness. We are proud that our products can be a part of these timeless aspects of everyday life. Nature is a priceless source of the best ingredients. It has inspired us to create unmatched flavour combinations that release so many positive emotions and much pleasure.

Our top quality teas and soft drinks, delicious syrups, jams, fruit spreads and preserves have been appreciated by you for years and won a permanent place on Polish tables. Thank you!

Check out our product range:

Teas and herbal teas Teas and herbal teas

Teas and herbal teas

Our tea bags are filled with the best ingredients so that you can enjoy aromatic and full-flavour infusions for any time of day or night.

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Syrups & dietary supplements Syrups & dietary supplements

Syrups & dietary supplements

Herbapol fruit syrups are a tasty and intensely fruity choice for hot days as well as cold evenings. They can enrich the flavour of water, but they go equally well as an addition to tea, soft drinks, cocktails and desserts.

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Jam products Jam products

Jam products

Herbapol works with selected suppliers of the best Polish fruit. Regional varieties of fruit combined with proven recipes result in jam products perfect for every occasion.

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Soft drinks Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Our beverages are delicious, yet refreshing, fruit and tea flavour combinations in which you will simply fall in love! Taste them!

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Refreshing sweets

Innovative, refreshing, tongue-cleansing sweets that are one-of-a-kind on the market! With their unique formula combining ground flax seeds to remove tongue plaque, natural peppermint oil and menthol to refresh the breath and zinc to regulate pH levels, your mouth will stay clean while you enjoy their deliciously fruity taste!

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For gastronomy

Selected Herbapol products for the gastronomy sector are inspired by nature. They have been created with the pleasant experience of your customers in mind.

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