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Herbapol partners with the “Four Seasons” photo album release

Herbapol partners with the “Four Seasons” photo album release

Herbapol Lublin has partnered with the “Four Seasons” photo album release by Tomasz Sikora, a traveller and photographer. The photos included depict the most beautiful landscapes of the Lublin region (mainly the Kazimierz Dolny region) changing on the rhythm of seasons. The artist has managed to capture in his photos the essence of nature and elapsing time, i.e. the title four seasons.  On one hand, it’s a perfect reflection of transience and changes in nature, on the other – timelessness and stability from the perspective of passing years. This is the way the nature of generations is. These values’ concurrence is not coincidental.


The “Four Seasons” album also brings a lot of emotions we can share with the loved ones. These are good moments spent together, which sometimes interlace with the worse ones. That is also the case with nature: the sunny summer days are followed by the autumn rain and chill. Strength and timelessness constitute the essence of nature. The same values refer to warmth of the family home and the support it gives us. It is the family and nature of generations who help us face everyday challenges and obstacles.


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