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A pile of wishes from our Customers

A pile of wishes from our Customers

Every week in our Lublin office we receive a pile of “thank you” letters and postcards from our satisfied customers.

“I have been in the USA for quite a long time now. I often shop in the Polish stores which import wonderful Herbapol teas – chokeberry is my favourite. Recently, in each box of tea I find cards with special wishes for customers. I think it’s a great idea which makes us – people, who are nostalgic about Poland – feel very nice”. This is an excerpt from a letter we received from a far-away Chicago. The idea to attach a letter with greetings and the name of the woman, who packed the box, turned out to be a huge success! We have received wishes and “thank you” letters from all over Poland: Szczecin, Tricity, Brzesko, Warsaw and Zakopane.

We would like to thank all our Customers for kind words, gratitude and greetings – it’s for you that we always take care of the highest quality of our products!


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