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Herbapol and Big-Active in TOP 200 Polish Brands

Herbapol and Big-Active in TOP 200 Polish Brands

Herbapol and Big-Active were ranked 1st and 3rd in the “Tea” category in a list of “TOP 200 Polish Brands” published by Forbes. The inaugural edition of the ranking comprised 24 categories from various industries.

The ranking was created from the results of 1435 interviews with Polish consumers, which analysed what they associate with each brand. The brand's contribution to product sales was also investigated. Thus, the editors of the Forbes created an unbiased summary of the 200 most important Polish brands that hold a dominant position in the Poles' shopping baskets. Furthermore, the magazine calculated the actual value of the entities
based on their position and sales achieved in Poland.

“We are tremendously proud of our position in such a prestigious ranking. Having two of our flagship brands in the top three is a sign that Poles value the freedom of choice and the diversity of experience that our products offer. We are aware that being a leader is a serious responsibility, especially since several generations have worked for the trust enjoyed by the Herbapol brand. In turn, the Big-Active brand is steadily building its market recognition, and its high position in the ranking confirms that we have taken a good direction for its development.” - said the President of the Board of “Herbapol-Lublin” S.A., Evangelos Evangelou.

The Herbapol brand has been active on the Polish food market for several decades. Successive generations of consumers value it for being incessantly inspired by nature and for the high quality of products with the distinctive green leaf. The brand's portfolio comprises more than just its flagship, long-established products, such as herbal teas, fruit teas and fruit syrups.
In response to the ever-changing consumer expectations, the company's offer is being regularly extended by new product categories, such as ready-to-drink herbal and tea beverages or milk syrups.

The intrinsic feature of Big-Active is its individual and contemporary nature. It demonstrates that the abundant world of tea has many varieties and colors, its own spirit and tradition.
The brand's portfolio includes green, white, red, fruit, black and functional teas.

The Forbes ranking was compiled in collaboration with Minds & Roses.

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