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Herbapol brand press conference

Herbapol brand press conference

Exceptional meeting in Herbapol’s garden!

Exceptional meeting in Herbapol’s garden! Herbapol brand press conference took place on Tuesday, April 26th, in one of Warsaw’s trendiest locations: Flaming & Co. Restaurant. To mark this special occasion, restaurant interiors were transformed into a magnificent garden full of fresh and dried herbs, as well as intense aromas of Herbapol products.

The meeting was inaugurated by Evangelos Evangelou, President of the Board, who welcomed all journalists who arrived to the venue. Then, Agnieszka Cegielska, who acted as meeting’s moderator, was joined on stage by Anna Justyniarska, PR & Digital Manager, and Zbigniew Ostasz, Wielbark herbs’ collection centre coordinator, to follow the conference’s agenda. During their interaction, the participants learned what the process of herbs’ collection looks like at Herbapol, what differentiates our company from our competitors and what new products were recently added to our company’s portfolio.


Afterwards, all journalists and bloggers were invited to a dedicated catering zone where they were able to try out all Herbapol brand products. It appeared they were more than happy about it!

Next meeting with the media will follow soon!


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