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Herbapol-Lublin S.A. wins the Forbes’ Diamond!

Herbapol-Lublin S.A. wins the Forbes’ Diamond!

The “Forbes’ Diamond” is one of the most prestigious awards given to the companies that increase their value in the fastest way. This year, Herbapol-Lublin S.A. placed third in the big companies category.

We are very happy to announce that Herbapol-Lublin S.A. has been recognised by the Forbes magazine for its dynamic development. We received this prestigious award on 5 April during a festive gala in Luxor hotel in Lublin.

Third place in the big companies category proves that we are heading in the right direction. We were distinguished for dynamic development which we owe to the consequent combination of tradition and modernity. It comprises natural, high quality products, improving the portfolio of products and a unique system of acquiring raw products by maintaining our own network of collection points. However, consumers remain the most important thing for us, as for the last 67 years we have focused on delivering products of the highest quality and remarkable taste to them. The Forbes magazine award proves that we’re doing a good job.

Forbes magazine award exists since 2006. The ranking is made based on the Swiss methodology of valuation of the company.


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