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BrandMe CEO Award for President of the Borad of “Herbapol-Lublin”

BrandMe CEO Award for President of the Borad of “Herbapol-Lublin”

On September 13th, a BrandMe CEO Gala was held where these prestigious awards were handed out. The event and contest was organized by Forbes magazine.

This year, 12 people were awarded. Amongst them, Evangelos Evangelou, President of the Board of our company. The goal of this contest was to see which CEOs in Poland have their personal brand strong enough to contribute not only to their personal success, but also to the success of the companies they run. The jury took into consideration the following factors: authenticity, coherent vision and management style, values, internal and external communication. They also took a look at the impact of CEO’s reputation and its influence on the increase of trust in the company. Finally, they examined the applied strategy and tactics and their impact on company’s results.

Full list of CEOs recognized can be found here.

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