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Pearls of the Cosmetic Market for Herbapol Polana!

Pearls of the Cosmetic Market for Herbapol Polana!

We are pleased to inform that Herbapol Polana received golden awards in the following categories of the Pearls of the Cosmetics Market contest: Debut and Innovation - facial care.

An award received in such a prestigious contest is a great honour for any brand: “Pearls of the Market” is a nationwide, independent industry contest in which trade professionals identify the most successful food, cosmetics, and household chemical innovations. The project consists of three parallel contests: the first one “Pearls of the FMCG Market” and “Pearl of the Region” cover FMCG products, while the third one, “Pearls of the Cosmetics Market”, is dedicated to cosmetic products. The aim of the "Pearls of the Market" project is to reward the best new products in the most important categories. The contest winners are selected by a jury comprising representatives of the most important retail chains, petrol stations, beauty supply stores, pharmacies, and wholesalers on the market. The jury is tasked with testing the submitted products and assessing their market potential.

The contest is organised by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze Sp. z o.o., the publisher of the national titles “Wiadomości Handlowe” and “Wiadomości Kosmetyczne”. Business Centre Club is the honorary partner of the project.

Thank you for recognising our brand and its products! You can learn more about Herbapol Polana here


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