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The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition

The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition

From 20 to 22 August, Lublin hosted The Jagiellonian Fair - re:tradition, and we had the pleasure of being the event's partner! 

The Jagiellonian Fair - re:tradition is a festival focusing on traditional culture organised by the Workshops of Culture in Lublin. Its purpose is to present and promote such culture through a diverse range of activities, both strictly source-based, authentic, and contemporary. The history of Lublin has always been intertwined with fairs, dating back to the 15th century. At that time, the trade route passing through Lublin drew cultures of the world, travellers, nomads, and traders to the city. Hence the project's name.

This year, the central theme of the Fair was music, although the organisers have prepared plenty of other traditional attractions for the visitors! And we... provided one of them! As a partner of this event, we served the Fair's visitors our delicious, ready-to-drink herbal and tea beverages. And there were plenty of people to serve – the organisers stated that the Fair welcomed as many as 70,000 visitors! We are delighted to have been involved in such a positive event!

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