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Złoty Paragon 2020

Once again, Herbapol and Big-Active products have been recognized in this prestigious competition.

Złoty Paragon 2020

We are pleased to announce that in Fruit Tea category our Fruit Garden Raspberry Tea 20 teabags has claimed the main award. Moreover, this was the product that received the most votes in the entire competition and therefore was recognized as “Super Produkt 2020”!

Also, in Black Tea category, our Big-Active Pure Ceylon 25 teabags tea was recognized, as well as Raspberry syrup 420 in Juices and syrups category.

This year marked 10th edition of the competition organized by Hurt & Detal magazine. Its readers determined which products sold best in their stores by submitting questionnaires to KANTAR POLSKA.
Given the pandemic, 2020 gala was hosted without audience and shared on youtube’s Spożywcza TV.



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