BIO Cherry Syrup

BIO Syrups


Pasteurised syrup

BIO Syrups from Herbapol are made with specially selected ingredients from certified, organic farms. BIO Syrup Cherry is a perfect combination of a distinctive chokeberry flavour and cane sugar. Thanks to this blend our BIO Syrup Cherry has a pleasant, fruity taste.
Simple contents and care that we put into BIO Syrup Cherry preparation process ensure high quality and unique taste of this product.

BIO Syrup Cherry is made with only two ingredients:
Fruit juice + cane sugar

For this reason, we recommend it not only for adults but also for children. All your family members can savour BIO Syrup Cherry. Add it to water or tea and enjoy a distinctive taste of Herbapol BIO Syrup Cherry!


  • Concentrated cherry juice* (65%)
  • Cane sugar*
  • 100 ml of our syrup contains juice from 76 g of BIO cherry

* certified organic products


Contents: 250 ml

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