Herbapol - masz to w naturze

And your day will taste better! Behind all of our activities lie enthusiasm and commitment. Though the world is full of differences, its nature is one Jams – new from Herbapol Pleasure. It’s in your nature.

And your day will taste better!

Our fruit syrups from Fruit Pantry line is our way to make your day taste better!

Behind all of our activities lie enthusiasm and commitment.

The fruits and herbs we use in our products are carefully selected by our experienced pickers who have been introducing us to the mysterious flavours of nature for generations.

Though the world is full of differences, its nature is one

By following its voice, we can discover the core values we strive to cultivate, with future generations in mind. It’s more than just tradition.

Jams – new from Herbapol

Local and varietal fruit made into jars of tasty jams. In pursuing the idea of localness, we support Polish cultivation and the local suppliers who have been sharing their tastiest fruit with us for years.

Pleasure. It’s in your nature.

All you have to do is to open one of our Fruit Pantry syrups

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Big Pack
Raspberry flavoured fruit and herbal tea
Our Raspberry Tea from the Tea Garden Line is now available in a bigger pack! 40 teabags filled with fruit in a family pack are a perfect choice for you and your family!
Secrets of Flavour Syrups
Limited edition of delicious syrups
For the upcoming fall and winter season, four new flavours of syrups are added to Herbapol’s portfolio. Ginger, Quince, Rose Hip and Linden Flower with Honey, with their specially designed labels, are a perfect choice for colder times!
Polish Herbarium Newness
Three new products join the Polish Herbarium’s range: St John’s wort, Milk thistle and Hawthorn flower.
Each of them contains carefully selected and beneficial herbs provided by reliable suppliers.
Peach Jam
Peach Jam joins our portfolio of classic jams!
Large pieces of fruit and intense fruit flavour – typical for our classic jams – can be fund in our newness: Peach Jam!
Tea Garden
Visit our Tea Garden... You will find only 100 per cent natural large pieces of fruit hidden in our teabags.
Immerse yourself in the pleasure of sweet raspberry, fragrant cranberry or the unique flavour composition of forest fruits.
Polish Herbarium – the Essence of Health
Another new product in our offer! Polish Herbarium – the Essence of Health is a liquid form of medicinal herbs and fruits aimed at people committed to healthy lifestyle.
Single portion of the carefully selected ingredients allows us to take advantage of beneficial herbs and fruits supplied in a bottle. Polish Herbarium – the Essence of Health if free from colourants and preservatives. Available in three variants: Digestion, Immunity, Vitality.
Fruit Pantry Syrups
Fruit Pantry syrups’ line has gained a new, attractive label.
Containing both regional themes and visuals of juicy fruits, it reflects tradition and highest quality of our syrups with intense fruity flavour.
Jam products
Delicious and unique! Jams, preserves and plum spread containing fruits from Polish cultivations.
Prepared in line with trusted recipes, without guar gum, they create a perfect portfolio for classic flavors (strawberry, cherry, raspberry, black currant) and less-conventional (gooseberry and sewwt cherry from Jam Pantry line). Perfect for both sweet and dishes.
Introducing Natural Ice Tea
Yet another newness in Herbapol brand portfolio, our natural tea drink is available in four refreshing flavours.
Natural Ice tea does not contain preservatives, colourants or sweeteners.
Green-Up Energy Drink Redesigned!
Green-Up Energy Drinks have gained a new, attractive can design.
It refers to long-lasting energy boost and refreshment, brought by natural caffeine, green tea and tea leaves. Green-Up is available in four flavours: Acai, Tropical, Cranberry and Pomegranate.