Herbapol - masz to w naturze



Fruit and herbal tea

Taste the outstanding flavour of chokeberry tea and let yourself be captivated by tempting, all natural flavours… Garden Tea means exceptional fruit teas with perfect flavour. Carefully selected and picked fruit are subject to a thorough inspection and then packed to protect their natural essence. Made from 100 per cent natural ingredients. Large pieces of fruit that you can see through transparent teabags make the beverage outstandingly tasty and aromatic.

Our fruit tea does not contain any theine, so you can drink as much as you wish whenever you want. The variety of flavours makes it a perfect beverage for all family members and a natural and tasty alternative to soft drinks. It is suitable for drinking both hot and cold.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure flowing from sweet raspberry, fragrant cranberry or the unique combination of forest fruits.


Chokeberry fruit (55%), hibiscus flowers, hawthorn fruit, rose hip, blackberry leaf, natural flavouring


70 g (20 torebek x 3,5 g)

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